LACNIC Promotes the Installation of Copies of the I Root Server


LACNIC Promotes the Installation of Copies of the I Root Server

LACNIC is promoting the installation of anycast copies of the I Root Server operated Netnod in Latin America and the Caribbean through an open call open for candidates among the region’s Internet organizations.

The first call for candidates is already open and anticipates the installation of at least 5 copies of the I Root Server. Organizations interested in hosting an I Root Server copy can check out the requirements and complete the application form at
The territories where these copies will be installed will be decided by a selection committee made up by LACNIC and Netnod representatives, who will evaluate the proposals and will then coordinate with potential host institutions and the root server operator. In certain cases, LACNIC may sponsor the installation of a root server copy.

This initiative is part of LACNIC’s +Raices program, which seeks to install anycast root server copies in countries of the LAC region
Installing these servers at strategic locations throughout the region such as IXPs (Internet Exchange Points) and NAPs (Network Access Points) seeks to achieve greater resiliency for one of the Internet’s most critical resources, the DNS.
The root server copies already installed in Latin America and the Caribbean have benefited the region’s users, as they’ve had a positive impact on how Internet connection speed is perceived and strengthened our Internet infrastructure by increasing service stability.

The LACNIC +Raices program has already installed 17 copies of the Internet domain name system’s original servers throughout the region of Latin America and the Caribbean.

The I server is one of 13 original Internet servers installed worldwide, ten of them in the United States, two in Europe, one in Japan. A technical limitation makes it impossible to increase the number of original servers to more than 13; for this reason, a technology known as anycast was developed for creating clones (mirror copies) which, once in operation, are indistinguishable from the original servers.
+RAICES is a project LACNIC has been implementing since 2004 and which has made it possible to install root server copies in Latin America and the Caribbean with the aim of improving Internet access throughout the continent and making a relevant contribution to Internet stability at both regional and global level.

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