LACNIC is Calling Interested Parties to Host DNS Root Server Copies


LACNIC is Calling Interested Parties to Host DNS Root Server Copies

As part of its +Raices program, LACNIC is calling organizations in the region of Latin America and the Caribbean interested in hosting copies of DNS root servers to submit their proposals.

The main goal of the +Raices project is to install anycast root server copies in countries of the LACNIC region. Installing these servers at strategic locations around the region such as IXPs (Internet Exchange Points) and NAPs (Network Access Points) increases the resilience of access to one of the Internet’s most critical resources, namely the DNS root. In doing so, we achieve redundancy and mitigate the risk posed by a potential failure of these critical resources, thus providing for a better response to possible DDoS attacks or eventual infrastructure failures which might render certain root-servers inoperative.

The role of LACNIC is to coordinate with potential host organizations and root server providers, as well as to promote the installation of the new root server copies. In some cases, LACNIC may sponsor the installation of a server.

How to participate. If your organization is interested in hosting an anycast root server copy, please complete this form. For more information, read the call here.

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