Only a few days left to submit a proposal for the FRIDA+ Awards


Only a few days left to submit a proposal for the FRIDA+ Awards

Just a few hours remain to submit a proposal for the 2015 FRIDA+ Awards, a program that provides funding for research or innovation projects and initiatives in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The Regional Fund for Digital Innovation in Latin America and the Caribbean (FRIDA) is a LACNIC initiative that recognizes outstanding proposals in the field of information and communication technology (ICT), with an emphasis on social inclusion and the region’s economic, social and cultural development.

The 2015 call for proposals will close on 10 June (see and will recognize five relevant proposals that have made an effective and significant contribution to Internet use and development in Latin America and the Caribbean since 2010. Each award recipient will receive a cash prize of USD 3,000 as well as travel and accommodation to attend the IGF meeting that will be held in Joao Pessoa, Brazil, during the month of November.

Those applying for an Award may also submit a concrete proposal for extending their project. The goal of these extensions is to provide small, USD 6,000 grants to fund specific new actions, specific activities that can be developed to further the projects being presented, or contribute to their replication.

Projects may be submitted to the Awards+ program under the following categories: a) Devices, infrastructure, and technologies. Accelerating and expanding access; b) Creating and developing skills and content for sustainable human development; c) Mobile Internet for social inclusion, growth, political participation, and active citizenship; and d) Internet for promoting, guaranteeing, and exercising Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.

A final Award will be presented to the most creative project with the best 2.0 campaign (+voted +creative project).

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