Innovative IPv6 Training Lab


Innovative IPv6 Training Lab

LACNIC installs special equipment in Montevideo to train technicians around the region on the new Internet protocol

In another effort to expand the use of the new Internet protocol within the region, LACNIC has installed in its office an IPv6 training lab within the framework of the 6DEPLOY-2 project, with equipment donated by Cisco Systems as part of the cooperation agreements of the project, sponsored by the European Commission.

The lab is equipped with six Cisco 1900 routers that can be accessed remotely both through IPv4 and IPv6, its use is free  both for the training  workshops organized within the framework of 6DEPLOY, as for any other applicant satisfying the requirements, as long as they do it through the reservation system of the 6DEPLOY web (www.

The lab has already been in use for the past two months and it is expected that several in-person and virtual workshops will be organized in 2012. Likewise, LACNIC is seeking organizations that wish to organize local IPv6 workshops. Just as the workshops taught by LACNIC staff, local workshops will also have access to the training lab.

Arturo Servín, LACNIC’s Technical Manager, believes that the 6Deploy project and this new training lab are “of great importance for our region, as they allow us to continue our IPv6 training efforts”. In Arturo’s opinion, organizing these workshops is crucial for promoting the deployment of the new protocol before IPv4 address space exhaustion.

In addition to the Montevideo lab, the 6Deploy-2 project has installed another lab in Colombia and is finalizing the installation of two further labs in Argentina and the Dominican Republic.


Can I use the lab to conduct IPv6 test?

Yes,  the laboratory is aimed at IPv6 training and testing  from the whole community, from anywhere in the world, upon prior request and approval through the 6DEPLOY website.

How can I use the lab to practice with IPv6?

To use the laboratory you must receive the authorization and meet the requirements for that purpose as indicated in the 6DEPLOY website.

I am at an IPv6 workshop organized by LACNIC. How do I enter the lab?

Instructors will provide students with the information necessary to enter the lab, such as IP addresses, ports, user names, etc.

What do I need to organize an IPv6 workshop?

In order to organize a workshop the host organization must agree to make the workshop open to the public, it must have a program for the course and the instructors must be approved by 6DEPLOY and LACNIC.

In addition to the lab, what other kind of assistance can LACNIC provide if I decide to organize a workshop in my community?

LACNIC provides training materials (presentations in PDF format) on various topics such as, among others, IPv6 addressing, security, transition mechanisms, and routing. Furthermore, LACNIC’s technical staff can provide guidance and advice to help you design the program for the course.

Can I use the same program that 6DEPLOY and LACNIC uses for its training courses?

Yes. If the instructors are trained in all the topics covered by the program, the same program may be used as for the courses organized by 6DEPLOY and LACNIC.

Can the program be adapted to meet the needs of my community?

Yes. If it is necessary to focus on one specific aspect such as security or routing, the program and training materials can be adapted considering the specific purpose of the course.

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