An IETF Hub in Montevideo


LACNIC’s Engineering and Development (R&D) department is promoting a remote hub for the worldwide group of engineers and professionals who develop and promote Internet standards (IETF).

IETF 98 will meet in Chicago. During the event, Casa de Internet in Montevideo will welcome engineers and students who will be able to follow the sessions as they are held in the US.

“The goal is to inform the regional community about the issues currently under discussion and encourage our colleagues in the region to participate in the IETF,” said Nicolas Fiumarelli, R&D Engineer at LACNIC.

The idea is that those who come to Casa de Internet register as IETF participants and follow at least two of the sessions to be held in Chicago.

“In addition to the possibility of interacting with participants in the United States, we want to encourage discussions among the colleagues who attend the LACNIC headquarters in Montevideo,” said Fiumarelli.

The plan is to follow two IETF 98 sessions. The first of these is the Thing-to-thing-rg Working Group meeting to be held on 27 March (14:30 – 17:00 Uruguay time) to discuss IETF standardization issues that will allow implementing the Internet of Things (IoT) in the real world, taking into account various limitations such as the scarcity of resources and the interaction between different providers.

Prior to this first meeting at the local hub, Fiumarelli and Gerardo Rada, also a Software Engineer at LACNIC, will present a brief introduction to the IETF, its working groups and how to participate in the IETF in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The second session to be transmitted live at Casa de Internet is the IETF 98 Technical, Administrative and Operational Plenary on 29 March (17:00 – 20:30 Uruguay time) –which will include panels of experts on topics of interest to many areas and working groups (WGs)– and a progress report, important announcements and details of future meetings. “Plenaries are a good starting point to enter the world of the IETF,” noted Fiumarelli.

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