2015 FRIDA Start-Up Program


2015 FRIDA Start-Up Program

FRIDA has also launched the second call for proposals for its FRIDA Start-Up program, an initiative that seeks to continue strengthening and supporting innovative initiatives so that they can achieve greater impact and extend beyond the projects from which they originated.

In order to apply for these new funds, a project must have had an impact on more than one country. In addition, the project must be the result of the association of two organizations, one of which must not previously have participated in the FRIDA program, while the other must have already received funding through one of the previous editions of the FRIDA Grants program.

The 2015 Start-Up program will provide each project with up to USD 14,000 (fourteen thousand US dollars).

The program’s terms and conditions and the corresponding application form are available at www.programafrida.net/startup

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