Prominent participation in Joao Pessoa


Prominent participation in Joao Pessoa

A delegation of LACNIC representatives actively participated in several sessions during the Internet Governance Forum held in Joao Pessoa (Brazil) on 10-13 November.

During the session on Best Practices in IPv6, Alejandro Acosta —part of LACNIC’s R+D department— presented the case of Venezuela’s IPv6 Task Force to the international community present at the IGF

Likewise, Andrés Piazza, Head of Strategic Relations and Internet Governance at LACNIC, moderated the IPv6 Forum

Nicolás Antoniello and Rafael Ibarra participated in the Internet Number Community Forum, promoting the bottom-up, multistakeholder model

LACNIC also participated in the IGF session on Enhanced Cooperation in LAC, during which the LACIGF initiatives, the Mexican and Colombian Governance Forums, and Argentina’s Internet Governance Dialogues were presented

The stand set up by the NRO in Brazil is also worth highlighting, as it became a key meeting place for most IGF participants. There, the RIRs promoted the bottom-up, multistakeholder model, handing out printed materials and showing a video especially created for the occasion

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