LÍDERES: Promoting National Governance Forums


LÍDERES: Promoting National Governance Forums

Since the inception of the Global Internet Governance Forum (IGF), over the years LACNIC has promoted the creation of national and regional forums based on the multi-stakeholder Internet governance model.

Since then, LACNIC has supported at least fifteen national forum-type activities in different countries of Latin America and the Caribbean and two regional initiatives (LACIGF and CIGF).

This support was materialized through the LÍDERES project, an initiative that aims to strengthen governance forums throughout Latin America and the Caribbean by promoting and facilitating the participation of LACNIC experts at these events to share their knowledge and experiences on relevant Internet and Governance issues.

This year three Local Governance Forums were held – Barbados, Panama and Peru – in all three cases with the active participation of LACNIC experts and professionals.

Precisely during the last of these meetings, IGF Peru, LACNIC CEO Oscar Robles focused on current issues such as IPv4 exhaustion and IPv6 deployment.

During his presentation at the IGF Peru panel titled Critical Resources and Internet Security, Robles noted that in Latin America “40% of the networks are ready for IPv6” and that 89% of LACNIC members have already received IPv6 assignments. Nevertheless, he stressed that companies have yet to decide to strengthen IPv6 in the region and cited the study conducted jointly by CAF and LACNIC titled IPv6 Deployment for Social and Economic Development in Latin America and the Caribbean, which aimed at creating awareness among companies and governments of the issue and showing its benefits.

LÍDERES Fellowships In addition to strengthening local governance forums by contributing to their creation and promoting the diversity of sources, LÍDERES also supports outstanding members of the community so they can attend the Regional Latin American and Caribbean Internet Governance Forum.

Through these sponsorships, LÍDERES offers those who are interested in Internet governance issues the chance to participate in the Regional Latin America and the Caribbean Preparatory Meeting for the Internet Governance Forum (LACIGF). LACNIC hopes these fellows will bring greater value to LACIGF by sharing their experiences at local forums and adding new and diverse perspectives to regional policy discussions. If you are interested, visit the website http://www.lacnic.net/en/web/lacnic/gobernanza , or write to lideres@lacnic.net

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