LACNIC Community Begins Review of ASO Functions


LACNIC Community Begins Review of ASO Functions

The LACNIC community has begun to analyze and discuss the structure and functions of the Address Supporting Organization (ASO), the organization responsible for developing recommendations for the ICANN Board on Internet Protocol (IP) address policy.

This ASO Review by the LACNIC community is being conducted as part of a recommendation made to the Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) after the audit conducted by independent consultancy firm ITEMS – an audit required from all ICANN supporting organizations.

Following a resolution of the LACNIC Board which considers that the ASO structure and procedures require adjustments, this month the regional community began the process of discussing possible modifications.

“Because there are significant changes in the ICANN environment, the RIRs have received this recommendation which we will analyze together with the entire LACNIC community,” said Kevon Swift, Head of Strategic Relations and Integration at LACNIC.

Swift highlighted the fact that this consultation process will involve a review of the ASO structure, its relationship with the ICANN Board, its administrative procedures, and the numbers community’s relationships within ICANN, among other aspects.

In the LACNIC region, a discussion list has been created and a first information webinar  has been held with Oscar Robles, LACNIC CEO, and other members of the community to provide details on the ASO review and encourage the involvement of anyone in the region of Latin America and the Caribbean with an interest in this matter.

The following steps will take place in Panama on 2 May during LACNIC 29, with an information session (20:40 UTC ) and a public consultation (21:30 UTC). In-person and remote participation will be available for both activities.

A new online consultation will then be held on 7-26 May to discuss the results of the face-to-face consultation held during the LACNIC 29 meeting and to allow members of the community to submit additional contributions in an open and transparent manner.

Finally, the outcomes of the consultation will be included in a general report with one or more consensual and representative proposals from the community on the role, function and future structure of the ASO within ICANN. This document will be discussed along with the proposals submitted by the other RIRs, attempting to come to a consensual position.

Swift noted that this review will serve to clarify the confusion that exists between what the ASO does and what the NRO does and present the transformation of ICANN for its consideration by the community. “It is a good opportunity to clarify and define these governance issues with greater precision,” concluded the LACNIC expert.

More information on the ASO Review

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