LACNIC at IGF 2017


LACNIC at IGF 2017

LACNIC at IGF 2017

The 2017 Internet Governance Forum, a space for dialogue that brings together nearly 3,000 professionals from around the world to discuss and analyze major Internet development issues, took place at the United Nations headquarters in Geneva on 18-22 December.

LACNIC was present at this global Internet summit, both as a collaborator on several panels and as part of the NRO (Number Resource Organization). Another aspect worth noting is the presence of the FRIDA Program as part of the Seed Alliance.

Together with its partners ISIF Asia of APNIC and FIRE of AFRINIC, the Regional Fund for Digital Innovation in Latin America and the Caribbean organized an open forum to discuss an open line of funding for gender related projects, a workshop on innovation and access, and the Seed Alliance Awards Ceremony.

The Seed Alliance Awards Ceremony took place on 18 October. The FRIDA Program recognized the two winning initiatives of the 2017 call for proposals: the education project titled Armonía by Universidad de Oriente (Cuba), and the Coding Rights organization (Brazil).

The NRO organized an open forum on Regional Internet Registries in order to explain the role of the NRO, the ASO review process, and how the transition from IPv4 to IPv6 is being carried out.

One final thing worth noting is the participation of Laura Kaplan, Development and Cooperation Manager at LACNIC, in the panel titled Public Policies to Deploy IPv6 in Developing Countries. Successful International Experiences along with Tania Villa Trapala, Rosa Delgado, Paul Wilson, Carolina Aguerre, and Rajesh Chharia.

The panel provided a space for sharing experiences where participants came to several conclusions, such as adopting the multistakeholder approach to address the implementation of the Internet of Things and IPv6, promoting and disseminating good practices of successful IPv6 implementation cases, and identifying leaders who promote the transition to IPv6 in each country.

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