LAC region’s contributions to be discussed at the IGF


A document containing our region’s contributions on Internet Governance will be presented by Latin American and Caribbean representatives at the Internet Governance Forum to be held in early September in Istanbul, Turkey.

This document is a compilation of the proposals presented by more than 170 delegates from around the region at the LACIGF meeting recently held in El Salvador, and seeks to set out certain principles which, according to the LAC region, should be considered in relation to Internet Governance.

Applying a cross-cutting approach focused on human rights, the document addresses Internet Governance in the region and lists certain fundamental principles such as freedom of expression, privacy and personal data protection, access to information, accessibility, freedom of association, and non-discrimination.

In addition, this space for regional Internet policy dialogue supports multistakeholder participation, the development of open Internet standards, transparency and accountability, as well as respect for the cultural and linguistic diversity of the different Latin American and Caribbean communities.

The document also brings up several issues which should be discussed in more detail, citing, among others, the development of a roadmap that takes into account specific regional peculiarities, the universalization of human rights beyond national borders, broadening the discussion on net neutrality, and a better understanding of the checks and balances needed between intellectual property and access to knowledge.

The full document is available at

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