Further Progress Towards the Construction of a Better Internet for the Regional Community


Regulatel, the organization that brings together the region’s telecommunications regulators, visited Casa de Internet for a meeting aligned with the goal of developing a free, open, and secure Internet for the region

By Miguel Ignacio Estrada, Chief Strategic Relations Officer at LACNIC

How can we further promote Internet development for the benefit of our region? This is the question that LACNIC and the Latin American and Caribbean Technical Community (ICANN, the Internet Society, LAC-IX, LACNIC, LACTLD, LACNOG, and Red Clara) are constantly trying to answer.

In this spirit, we received the visit of the members of Regulatel, the organization that brings together the telecommunications regulators of various countries in our region. During the meeting, we had the chance to talk about aspects that are essential to continue to build a better Internet.

We also took the opportunity to discuss our role within the Internet ecosystem and explore some of the challenges we have identified in the region. These include Internet access (the challenge of connecting the remaining 40% of the population), DNS operation, the risks posed by regulations based on website blocking, the value of Internet exchange points (IXPs) for improving local Internet traffic and promoting local digital content, how to achieve a secure and interoperable Internet, and other topics.

Meetings such as these allow us to share our challenges and concerns, and to understand and reflect together on the issues identified by the others for the development of a free, open, and secure Internet.

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