Connecting the Americas: Thoughts from the 43rd Meeting of CITEL-PCC.II


Connecting the Americas: Thoughts from the 43rd Meeting of CITEL-PCC.II

Written by César Díaz, Líder de Asuntos de Telecomunicaciones

Within the framework of the 43rd Meeting of Permanent Consultative Committee 2 (PCC.II) of the Inter-American Telecommunications Commission (CITEL) held in Montevideo, Uruguay, Internet Technical Community organizations LACNIC, ISOC, ICANN, LACTLD, LAC-IX, LACNOG, and RedClara had the privilege of welcoming to Casa de Internet prominent representatives of CITEL Member States and the presidents of various working groups. Discussions focused on topics considered essential for the development of telecommunications in our region.

PCC.II is a vital forum where Member States and Associate Members meet to address key topics related to the planning, coordination, harmonization, and efficient utilization of the radio spectrum, as well as geostationary and non-geostationary satellite orbits, with the aim of improving telecommunications services across the Americas. This meeting promoted dialogue to strengthen the development of digital infrastructure in the region and guarantee equitable access to information and communication technologies (ICT).

As LACNIC representatives, we had the honor of sharing our vision on Internet connectivity and accessibility in the Americas. Together with our CEO, Oscar Robles, we stressed the importance of updating and coordinating strategies for connecting those who are still unconnected. Conversations explored innovative alternatives, such as deploying community networks and leveraging low-orbit satellites, as solutions for bridging the digital divide and promoting digital inclusion across all communities.

In addition to addressing connectivity, participants recognized the need to harmonize policies and promote common standards to ensure broader and more effective wireless Internet access for all. This exchange of ideas and experiences between the public and private sectors is crucial for promoting technological development and fostering collaboration in the field of telecommunications.

At LACNIC, we remain firmly committed to supporting and collaborating in these spaces, where we share our concerns and initiatives to connect those who do not yet have access to the Internet.

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