Two Policy Proposals Achieve Consensus


Two Policy Proposals Achieve Consensus

Over the past few weeks, two out of the six policy proposals discussed and analyzed on the LACNIC Policy Mailing List and at the Public Policy Forum achieved consensus, according to Paola Pérez and Ariel Weher, chairs of the Policy Development Process (PDP).

The chairs reported that the proposals that reached consensus were LAC-2018-11, which proposed removing the reference to an applicant’s multihomed status from the policy on IPv4 assignments to end users; and LAC-2018-8, an update to the policy on IPv4 assignments to end users.

To establish whether consensus had been achieved, the chairs took into account the comments submitted through the mailing list as well as those presented at the LACNIC 30 Public Policy Forum held in Rosario, Argentina. According to the definition of consensus incorporated in the latest update to the PDP, a proposal is considered to have reached consensus when it is supported by meaningful opinions, after broad discussion, and when there are no irrefutable technical objections.

This was the case with these two proposals, as informed by the chairs to the community. Now the two proposals have moved to a four-week last-call-for-comments period.

After this last-call-for-comments period, the chairs will have one week to determine whether consensus is maintained and, if appropriate, submit the proposals to LACNIC’s Board of Directors for their ratification.

Meanwhile, proposal LAC 2018-12, which proposes a minor review of the Policy Development Process and was also presented at the event held in Rosario, is in the process of completing the eight weeks of initial discussion, after which the chairs will assess whether it has reached consensus.

The authors of the three policy proposals that did not achieve consensus after being discussed on the list and at the forum (LAC-2018-7, clarification of sub-assignments; LAC-2018-5, registration and validation of “abuse-c” and “abuse-mailbox”; and LAC-2018-2, an update to the policy on transfers due to mergers/acquisitions) may decide to abandon the proposals or submit a new version based on the comments received at the forum and through the list.

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