LACNIC Community Analyzes New Policy Proposals


LACNIC Community Analyzes New Policy Proposals

The Latin American and Caribbean Internet Community is currently discussing seven policy proposals in preparation for the upcoming editions of the Public Policy Forum.

Part of these proposals will be analyzed during the LACNIC 34 LACNOG 2020 Public Policy Forum which will take place on Tuesday 6 October starting at 17:00 UTC.

Given the limited availability of time, the commitments to presenters and the limitations of the event agenda, a group of these proposals will be discussed at LACNIC 34 while the others will be analyzed at a new, additional forum.

The purpose of splitting the forum into two is to allow sufficient time for a constructive and enriching discussion of each proposal.

Policy proposals under discussion. Jordi Palet Martinez will be presenting the sixth version of his proposal (LAC-2019-7- v6) which seeks to modify to the PDP chair election process. The idea is to introduce changes to the procedure for the election of PDP chairs, including the prohibition of campaigning for or against the candidates on the public discussion lists and modifying the procedure in case of a tie.

Palet also submitted policy proposal LAC-2020-3, which specifies a time line and a mandatory impact analysis for each version of a policy proposal. In addition, Palet submitted policy proposal LAC-2020-6, which introduces several changes to the Policy Development Process.

The same author is promoting LAC-2020-4, which promotes adjustments to the functions of the LACNIC Board, including the time they have to ratify a policy proposal.

Likewise, Alejandro Guzman and Esteban Lescano are the authors of policy proposal LAC-2020-7, which seeks to modify “the PDP to improve the quality of proposals and participation in the Policy Development Process.”

Arturo Servin is promoting LAC-2020-5, a process whereby, in order for a policy proposal to be formally discussed on the Policy list, presented at the Public Policy Forum and subsequently called for consensus, it must first be accepted for discussion by the community.

Finally, Hugo Salgado (LAC 2020-8) presented a text that seeks to associate the title of a proposal with a short descriptor to increase community participation in policy discussions as well as improve their access and searchability.

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