Upcoming Events: World IPv6 Launch on 6 June


Upcoming Events: World IPv6 Launch on 6 June

June will be IPv6 month. June the 6th has been chosen as “World IPv6 Launch Day”, an event for the final switch to the new Internet protocol.

After the success of the test conducted in 2011 with World IPv6 Day during which the IPv6 protocol was tested during twenty-four hours, this year the most important Internet companies and organizations will begin permanently enabling the new protocol on their websites on 6 June.

This date represents the greatest milestone in global IPv6 deployment history.

‘”World IPv6 Launch” on 6 June must serve to create awareness of the need and urgency of switching to IPv6, a protocol that will provide an almost unlimited number of addresses and will improve global service by extending addressing capability from 32 to 128 bits, providing better support for extensions, or authentication, integrity and data confidentiality capabilities.

IPv6 is the new generation of the Internet protocol and it is essential to allow the Internet to continue to grow in the next decades. In response to the needs of the Latin American and Caribbean community, since its creation, LACNIC has worked on providing information, training experts, as well as promoting actions so that the necessary measures will be taken at public and private level to achieve an effective adoption of the IPv6 protocol.

On this opportunity, LACNIC will organize informal on-line conferences that will be open to all those interested in participating. In addition, the initiatives that are being organized in our region to mark this day as well as various useful IPv6 resources will be published on our website.

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