Seventh Edition of the IPv6 Challenge


Seventh Edition of the IPv6 Challenge

LACNIC announces it is launching the seventh edition of the IPv6 Challenge, a competition designed to promote the use of this protocol in Latin America and the Caribbean and for which major new developments are in the works. The IPv6 Challenge has its origins in the former Latin American IPv6 Forum (currently part of the LACNIC Technical Forum) and was promoted by Azael Fernández with the support of LACNIC’s R&D department.

The competition is open to any organization, ISP, university network or government of the region, whether they are members of LACNIC or not. Likewise, any entity or institution that does not yet use or offer services with IPv6 but has a project they wish to develop can participate in the challenge.

Registration will be open until 14 February, date on which the competition will begin.

Participants must propose initiatives related to their IPv6 deployment plans (even if they are not yet using or offering the IPv6 protocol) or show their recent implementations of services with IPv6 support, announced Alejandro Acosta, R&D Coordinator at LACNIC.

This year, the winner will be announced three weeks before the LACNIC 33 event, which will be held on 4-8 May in Cali, Colombia. Winners will be selected by a committee made up by Azael Fernández, Jorge Villa, Mariela Rocha, Nicolás Antoniello and Alejandro Acosta. This committee will assess each entry considering its scope, impact and technical aspects of the deployment, such as the development of software with IPv6 support, IPv6-only services and/or applications, implementation of servers with IPv6 support, or implementation in production servers and domains.

Participants will have to document the process, producing two reports (one at the start and one at the end of the Challenge) of the tests that have been conducted and the operational status of the services.

In addition, they may prepare a handbook of good practices to help other organizations within the LACNIC community replicate the experience.

If you have any question or doubts, you can check out the FAQ section or send them the IPv6 Challenge Committee at

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