Seven Out of 10 Organizations in the Region Will Have IPv6


Seven Out of 10 Organizations in the Region Will Have IPv6

Over the past two years, the number of Internet protocol version 6 (IPv6) assignments has grown rapidly in Latin America and the Caribbean. LACNIC estimates that 70% of the region’s organizations will have IPv6 addresses available in 2014.

The fact that the region has entered the IPv4 exhaustion phase has increased the number of requests for IPv6 resources, yet this newer, more advanced protocol provides benefits that have been a key factor driving the region’s major companies and Internet service providers to deploy IPv6.

LACNIC is organizing personalized visits to different countries of our region for the organization’s technical experts to encourage IPv6 deployment.

Luisa Villa, Customer Manager at LACNIC, highlighted the progress made over the past two years in terms of IPv6 adoption, adding that that she would like to see even more organizations using this technology.


How much have IPv6 assignments grown in the LACNIC region over the past two years?


During the last two years, IPv6 assignments in the LACNIC region have grown at a much faster rate. To date, we have completed over 2300 IPv6 assignments, 55% of which were made between 2012 and 2013. In 2012 we made 575 assignments, while in 2013 we made 696.

Which countries have been assigned the most IPv6 resources?


Undoubtedly, due to the size of its market, of all the countries within the LACNIC service region, Brazil is the one that has received the most IPv6 assignments. It is followed by Argentina and Chile, respectively.

Which countries have grown the most over the past two years in terms of their use of IPv6 (in the LACNIC region)?

Based on the traffic running over IPv6, in our region, the countries that have grown the most over the past two years are Peru and Chile.

What percentage of LACNIC member organizations has already been assigned IPv6 resources?


64.03% of our members already have an IPv6 assignment.

According to your estimates, how much will IPv6 coverage grow this year in our region?

We hope that 70% of our members will have an IPv6 assignment this year.

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