New IPv6 Section on the LACNIC Portal


New IPv6 Section on the LACNIC Portal

Users of the LACNIC portal can now access a new interactive section devoted to the IPv6 protocol where they will find exclusive content, new statistics and relevant material.

This new section on IPv6 was created based on content previously published on the IPv6 Portal, generated by members of the community and LACNIC staff over the past 10 years.

This service gathers all available information on IPv6 in the region as well as the technical work that is carried out in relation to this IP protocol. It also allows the technical community to submit suggestions and contributions to keep the section updated at all times.

What can we expect from the new section?

The new section includes the definition of IPv6, instructions on how to obtain IPv6 resources from LACNIC, information on fees and categories, as well as the status of IPv6 in Latin America and the Caribbean.

IPv6 deployment in numbers

There is also a tab that shows IPv6 adoption measurements worldwide, with an explanation of the different methods used to measure IPv6 penetration in the different countries and regions and links to websites that analyze the current status of IPv6 deployment from various points of view.

Why IPv6?

The section includes a chapter on the transition from IPv4 to IPv6, which explains that both protocols can coexist but that there are practically no free IPv4 addresses left to assign. It also shows the different phases of IPv4 exhaustion in the five RIRs responsible for managing number resources worldwide.

Videos and tutorials

There is also a subsection with materials of interest where you will find videos, documents, presentations and tutorials created by LACNIC over the years while working on IPv6 deployment. In this sense, the section allows users to contribute with their materials or inquire about specific materials they might be interested in.

The IPv6 Challenge

There is also a subsection on the IPv6 Challenge, a contest designed by LACNIC where different persons and organizations can present their progress and IPv6-related projects. Here you will find examples of the work entered for the first three editions of the Challenge.

Contributing new content

This new IPv6 section was created based on the content published on the IPv6 Portal, which was generated by members of the community and LACNIC staff over the past 10 years.

If you have a suggestion or would like to submit a contribution, please contact us at



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