Lee Howard: Influences on IPv6 Deployment


Lee Howard: Influences on IPv6 Deployment

Lee Howard, an expert with more than 25 years of experience in networking and Internet development, spoke at LACNIC 37 about the influences on the deployment of the IPv6 protocol. Highlights of his presentation are summarized below.

Providers who want to grow need IPv6

For providers who want to provide services cheaply and who want to grow by being the best lowest cost carrier, it’s best to do so with IPv6.

Companies that wanted to get a higher percentage of users in their countries deployed IPv6 to reduce their costs. IPv6 networks are the ones that have grown fastest.

IPv6 hosting turned on by default

For content, you have to be with a host that will turn IPv6 on by default. This does not only refer to large companies; instead, this can also be achieved through small hosting companies.

The speed of IPv6 is better for engagement and SEO

IPv6 is better for engagement, keeping people on a website because the performance is good.

The speed of IPv6 allows users to spend more time on a website because its performance is good. For sites with ad-based revenue, the longer people stay on the site, the more ads they will see and the more money they will make.

Ranking higher in search engine results: “IPv6 might not be first, but it’s on the list”

No mandates

Public-private partnerships seem to work better than simply government mandates from the top down saying: “You must do IPv6.”

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