Doctor IPv6: Answers Anytime, Anywhere


Doctor IPv6: Answers Anytime, Anywhere

LACNIC has launched Doctor IPv6, a mechanism that allows any member of the community to submit a technical query regarding Internet Protocol version 6 via email and receive a reply in podcast format.

Alejandro Acosta, R+D Coordinator at LACNIC, observed that Doctor IPv6 is an innovative program designed by LACNIC to help promote IPv6 within the region.

The mechanism is simple. The community sends their IPv6-related questions via email ( A moderator then finds the expert best suited to answer each question.

“We chose this format because IPv6 is a very broad topic and not everyone is an expert on each of the aspects it involves. A person who is very knowledgeable about IPv6 and DNS may not be an expert on IPv6 routing,” explained Acosta.

Once the moderator finds the best person for the question at hand and the expert has provided his or her answer, the question is uploaded to LACNIC’s IPv6 Portal (

Questions are accepted in English, Spanish and Portuguese. LACNIC’s only requirement is that questions must be related to IPv6. So far, eleven questions have been received, ranging from the basics of IPv6 to topics involving BGP and security, considered to be of medium-high difficulty.

Dr. IPv6 was born after spending long hours in major Latin America and Caribbean city traffic. “What does this have to do with Doctor IPv6? Traffic is a perfect place to listen to something productive, such as music, perhaps an audio book, obviously a podcast. This is how the idea behind Doctor IPv6 came to be,” recalled Acosta.

The community is highly involved in this project. As a matter of fact, nine of the eleven questions were answered by members of the technical community: Jordi Palet, Fernando Gont, Guillermo Cicileo, Jorge Villa, Gui Iribarren, Ariel Weher, Gregorio Manzano, Ricardo Pelaez Negro, and Alejandro Acosta.

Doctor IPv6 is a LACNIC initiative that seeks to create IPv6 related online content, offer an alternative mechanism for submitting queries and questions, and, above all, reduce the excuses for not implementing IPv6.

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