Colombia Focuses on IPv6 Deployment


Colombia Focuses on IPv6 Deployment

Colombia has taken IPv4 address exhaustion and IPv6 deployment in the region very seriously The government is promoting a national plan so that all public entities adapt their Information Technology infrastructure to IPv6.

The Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies of Colombia (MinTIC) has worked closely with the different areas of LACNIC to implement IPv6, participating in trainings and generating knowledge about the importance of this protocol.

Although less than 1% of Colombia’s Internet traffic is over IPv6, this number has been growing steadily over the past 18 months.

Carlos Rozo, e-Government Director for the MinTIC, warned that IPv6 deployment is necessary so that State agencies are not left with a limited Internet.

LACNIC has highlighted MinTIC’s work towards the rapid implementation of the IPv6 protocol. In fact, their leadership experience in Colombia was also shared on the panel “IPv6 Implementation Success Stories.”

The Colombian government has decided that the deadline for all public entities in Colombia to use IPv6 is December 31 of this year.

This measure is part of a detailed plan approved in October 2017, which set deadlines for IPv6 implementation.  

Colombia’s MinTIC has prepared a series of useful documents to contextualize and broaden the knowledge of the IPv6 protocol, including the Guide for Transitioning from IPv4 to IPv6 in Colombia and the Guide for Securing the IPv6 Protocol (both in Spanish).