The Region’s Proposal for the IANA Transition


After a lengthy and intense consultation and discussion process, the LACNIC community has prepared a proposal for the transition of the stewardship of the IANA functions related to Internet number resources.

The LACNIC community believes that stewardship of the IANA functions for managing Internet number resources should be transferred to the RIRs, represented by the NRO, through the creation of a Multistakeholder Oversight Numbers Council (MONC) made up by representatives of the various Internet stakeholders: operators, governments and members of each RIR’s community.

Under this proposal, MONC would meet at least once a year to rule on the performance of the IANA functions as they relate to the administration of Internet number resources. The Council’s opinions would be binding on ICANN, who would agree to comply with MONC’s decisions once endorsed and communicated by the RIRs.

The proposal clarifies that “MONC’s oversight will be limited to the processes followed in the performance of the IANA functions” and expressly states that “Internet numbering resource assignment policies and the operations conducted by the RIRs, either jointly or individually, will not be included.”

MONC would be in contact with the oversight mechanisms for the remaining IANA functions related to protocol parameters and domain names. Confusion among them will be avoided and complete independence of those overseeing such other functions, as proposed and determined by the respective communities, would be maintained.

The LACNIC community believes that MONC’s accountability will be ensured by the fact that the Council will be made up by representatives of multiple stakeholders, to whom it will be held accountable.

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