New Projects and Services


New Projects and Services

Widespread Use of NAT. NATMeter, a project developed by LACNIC’s R&D department, detected the widespread use of middleboxes (Network Address Translation) in the region. This initiative was launched to measure the presence of middleboxes between a user and the Internet. According to the first measurements made by LACNIC, the use of middleboxes reaches 94% in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Open Servers. More than 7% of IPv6 DNS servers in the Latin American and Caribbean region are open and vulnerable to cyberattacks, according to the primary outcomes of a project by LACNIC WARP and LACNIC’s R&D department.

LACNIC based this analysis on reverse root DNS server D, which translates IP addresses into domain names. Because they are open, servers can be used as DDoS attack amplification vectors.

IP Geolocation. Inspired by an idea originally brought up by the IETF, LACNIC engineers worked on the development of a beta program to publish IP geolocation information in a standard format. The platform developed by LACNIC is called Geo Feeds and was based on a proposal that basically allows operators to publish information on where an IP address is physically located.

IPv4 Transfers. This year, a new section was added to the MiLACNIC platform to provide information to those interested in offering or acquiring IPv4 address blocks. This service connects the contacts of the organizations seeking to transfer or receive IPv4 resources.

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