More than 7,000 LACNIC Members


More than 7,000 LACNIC Members

Over the past three years, LACNIC has doubled its membership based. In October, the month during which LACNIC celebrated its 15th anniversary as a Regional Internet Registry, it reached 7,100 member organizations throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

This significant growth in our membership base “has been accompanied by an effort on the part of LACNIC to increase member participation in institutional activities and to strengthen the services to our community,” said LACNIC CEO Oscar Robles.

LACNIC members include the world’s leading telecommunications companies, influential civil society organizations and universities of the region, as well as the governments of the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean.

The LACNIC service region covers 33 territories in the Americas. Brazil is the country with the highest number of members, followed by Argentina, Mexico, Colombia and Chile.

The growth of the number of members has required LACNIC staff to work hard to provide new and better services. In addition, over the past three years, LACNIC has visited approximately 183 organizations in 15 different countries to encourage their participation in the activities of the organization.

This year a LACNIC also implemented MI LACNIC, a new management platform for its members. This service unified resource management systems and has already been adopted by 2,700 LACNIC members.

This evolution has required strengthening the courses offered by LACNIC, adding new topics and editions at the Training Center. In addition, the LACNIC team has intensified its work on IPv6 deployment with organizations across the region in order to address IPv4 address exhaustion.

“Now that we are celebrating LACNIC’s 15th anniversary, we wish to reinforce our commitment to the development of an open, stable and secure Internet,” Robles concluded.

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