Mi LACNIC: A simpler, More User-Friendly Platform


Mi LACNIC concentrates resource management in a single, clear and simplified platform that streamlines our relationship with members of the Internet Address Registry for Latin America and the Caribbean (LACNIC).
Since it was launched earlier this month, more than 600 users have joined Mi LACNIC.
This new tool is available to all LACNIC members and concentrates various services in a visually friendly platform that allows member organizations to manage their payments and resource certifications as well as to access current and historical documents.
Our members can access the Mi LACNIC platform at no additional cost and we are planning to incorporate new services shortly.

What is Mi LACNIC? What services does it offer LACNIC Members?
Mi LACNIC is the new management system recently available to LACNIC members. Through this system, members can perform various tasks related to resource management and resource certification (RPKI), as well as manage their payments and documents.

How does this resource management platform work?
It is very similar to the previous version, except that it is much more intuitive and user-friendly. The advantage is you no longer need to login to one platform to manage your resources and use another to manage RPKI: you can now manage everything from just one platform.

Why did you decide to create this platform?
This modular platform was created with our customers’ comfort in mind. The first version of Mi LACNIC unifies our resource management RPKI, and payment and document management systems.

Who developed the Mi LACNIC service?
More than 20 members of the LACNIC staff were involved directly or indirectly in developing Mi LACNIC. While the programming was done by LACNIC’s Software Development department, several other areas also contributed to the making of Mi LACNIC.
The project was developed jointly by several departments, including the Services team, the Development team and the Communications team.

Who can access Mi LACNIC?
LACNIC members (except NIRs).

Is this a free service? Is it avaiabe in the 33 territories that make up the LACNIC service region?
Yes, it is a free service and it is available to all LACNIC members with the exception of those in Brazil and Mexico, which are managed by their NIRs.

How do users access the service?
Unlike the previous system, the Mi LACNIC home page includes password and username recovery options in case a member loses their login information.

What kind of statistics does Mi LACNIC provide?
Based on global routing tables, Mi LACNIC offers the possibility of viewing IPv6 adoption status, reverse resolution delegation status, sub-assignments, and RPKI status.

Can LACNIC members request RPKI certificates through Mi LACNIC?
Yes, the platform includes an RPKI section.

Can members pay their invoices for LACNIC services?
Yes. And they can also view documents related to billing and payments, statements of account and service agreements.

Can Mi LACNIC be used to report a cyber-attack?
No. LACNIC has a separate service for this, LACNIC WARP.

What are the advantages of Mi LACNIC as compared to the systems currently used to interact with LACNIC?
Mi LACNIC combines three systems in one and its interface is much more intuitive and user-friendly.

Can Mi LACNIC be accessed from any device?
Yes. It was developed using responsive design, so it can be viewed on mobile devices such as tablets and cell phones.

Do you plan to add new features to Mi LACNIC in the future?
Yes, we will continue to work to incorporate new modules and services.

In case of questions or doubts, where can users turn to for support?
Mi LACNIC uses context-sensitive help, which means that help suggestions shown will depend on which module the user is using. Nevertheless, if the help provided by the system is not enough, users can contact milacnic@lacnic.net.

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