LACNIC’s networking system for the Lima event


LACNIC’s networking system for the Lima event

LACNIC has created a tool that allows LACNIC event and conference participants to share information and exchange messages, arrange meetings, or contact others who have registered for the same event. It also provides a way to submit questions to LACNIC staff.

This networking system will be available during the Lima meeting and will only include a list of those who choose to participate. It is important to highlight that the confidentiality of all personal information will be maintained and that a participant’s email address will only be revealed when the interested party actually starts a conversation with the person attempting to contact him/her.

Anyone wishing to participate can register at

Paula Manci, Head of Billing, Collections, and Membership Services with LACNIC’s Customer Service Department, noted that “event attendees will only be able to contact other attendees through this channel once the contacted person accepts and replies to the contact request.” Manci highlighted that before this reply “the system will not display any of the attendees’ personal information.”

The system will also allow participants to schedule the usual face-to-face meetings with LACNIC staff.

For a video containing further details and information, please go to

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