LACNIC Now Has More than 9,200 Members


LACNIC Now Has More than 9,200 Members

Over the past year, LACNIC welcomed close to 1,300 new companies and organizations, thus reaching 9,265 members in the 33 territories within its Latin American and Caribbean area of coverage. This represents a 16% increase between June 2018 and June 2019.

Brazil tops the list of countries with the highest number of members, followed by Argentina, Mexico, Chile and Colombia. Together, these countries are home to 90% of all members in the region.

Eighty-six percent of all members (more than 8,000 organizations) correspond to the nano, micro, small and medium categories. Another 106 members are included in the large or superior category. The remaining members are distributed as follows: founding members (5), adhering members who have not received any IP addresses (8), and end users (1189).

LACNIC’s more than 9,200 members include the world’s most important telecommunications companies, the region’s most influential civil society organizations and universities, as well as the governments of the region.

Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and Chile, in this order, are the countries with the highest number of assigned IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and ASNs.

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