LACNIC Membership Doubles


More than 2,000 Members

LACNIC Membership Doubles

LACNIC Membership Doubles

This month, the Latin American and Caribbean Internet Addresses Registry exceeded 2,000-members, thus effectively doubling its membership over the past two years.

“The significant growth in membership that LACNIC has experienced represents for us both a satisfaction and a challenge”, noted Raúl Echeberría, Executive Director of LACNIC. “It confirms that the road we embarked on nine years ago has been worth travelling and reaffirms our commitment to providing more and better services to the region”,  he highlighted.

The 2,000 members that are now part of the LACNIC community include the major companies and organizations currently providing Internet access in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The services offered by LACNIC also include numerous activities and projects in support of Internet development and stability within the region. “In addition to doing a good job in administrating IP addresses, the creation of an international organization such as LACNIC demanded that it be a catalyst for Internet development in Latin America and the Caribbean. Today we have achieved this goal and the community’s recognition is rewarding all the work that has been done”, said Oscar Messano, President of LACNIC’s Board of Directors.

“Each new members to which we provide services affirms our commitment that LACNIC will continue to be an organization that summarizes the collective efforts of the regional Internet community in benefit of our society’s development”, concluded Raúl Echeberría.

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