LACNIC has Started Providing Resource Certification Services (RPKI)


On January 1st, 2011, LACNIC launched its Resource Certification System (RPKI).

This plan is part of the project that LACNIC is executing for the establishment of an Internet resource certification system that will allow all members of the organization to digitally prove that they have the right to use IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

During this first phase, LACNIC members will be able to access the system in “hosted” mode, which means that resource certificates will be created and maintained by LACNIC.

Using these certificates members will be able to create signed objects (Routing Origin Authorizations or ROAs) for the resources they wish to announce through the specified origin Autonomous System Number (ASN).

Resource Certification Services (RPKI)

Resource Certification Services (RPKI)

To access the resource certification system, create certificates and generate ROAs for administrated resources, members should go to:

During the RPKI Resource Certification System development phases planned for the second half of this year, various functionalities will be added that will allow high system availability and the possibility of signing certificates created directly by LACNIC members (“delegated” mode).


The resource certification project establishes a public key infrastructure (PKI) commonly known as RPKI (Resource Public Key Infrastructure). This infrastructure combines the hierarchy of the Internet resource assignment model through Regional or National Internet Registries with the use of digital certificates based on standard X.509. X.509 certificates are typically used to authenticate either an individual or, for example, a website. In RPKI, X.509 certificates do not include identification information as their only purpose is to transfer the right to use Internet resources.

LACNIC has been participating in the definition of the standards that have allowed developing this tool since 2007. In May 2010, LACNIC launched a beta version of its RPKI Certification Authority (or CA) for the resources it administrates.

For more information on the RPKI resource Certification System and how to access the system, please visit

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