LACNIC customers highly satisfied with the organization’s services


According to a study conducted by Merco Plus Latin America, LACNIC members are highly satisfied with the work and services of the organization responsible for managing internet numbering resources in Latin America and the Caribbean.

This study included members throughout the region and concluded that South America, Central America and the Caribbean, in this order, expressed the highest levels of satisfaction with LACNIC’s services.

For the third year in a row, the study reports that “good general satisfaction levels with LACNIC were identified” and that “these levels have been relatively stable as compared with past surveys and go hand in hand with high levels of willingness to recommend the organization.” In this sense, LACNIC customers are not only willing to recommend its services, but they also said that they were “very open to recommending the company and providing positive references.”

Members also rated resource assignment (IPv4, IPv6 and ASN) highly. The study’s conclusions highlight that “this is very relevant, considering that it is LACNIC’s best-known service and the one most used by the organization’s members.”

Likewise, satisfaction levels with LACNIC’s annual fees increased (63% stated that they are satisfied or very satisfied) and, although 75% replied that they are satisfied with the organization’s current methods of payment, one out of three members mentioned the possibility of adding new payment methods (PayPal, local points of payment in different countries, and credit cards where the ones most often mentioned).

In relation to communication with the organization, customers highlighted how easy it is (69%) and their satisfaction with the organization’s response times (61%). Nine out of ten of those who were in communication with the organization value the simplicity of the process, as well as the friendliness, technical expertise, and clarity of LACNIC staff.

LACNIC’s website receives many visitors. Almost all customers (97%) have visited our website and expressed high levels of satisfaction (82%). Furthermore, customers not only expressed their satisfaction with the website but mentioned aspects such as ease of browsing, usefulness, clarity, and the fact that posted information is always up to date.

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