LACNIC Board of Directors’ Announcement on IPv6-Only Fees


LACNIC Board of Directors’ Announcement on IPv6-Only Fees

The LACNIC Board has decided to grant a waiver for members who only receive a /32 of IPv6 addresses (equivalent to the Small category).

This temporary measure will apply to new IPv6-only requests and retroactively to organizations which were assigned a /32 of IPv6 space in August this year or later and have already paid their annual fees.

This waiver will be applied during a six-year transition period, beginning with a fee of $800 US dollars and progressively increasing until reaching $2,100 US dollars when this measure concludes in 2026.

The waiver* specifies that new members who only obtain IPv6 addresses (IPv6-only) will pay a discounted fee, which will be gradually increased until reaching the fee corresponding to Small, the smallest IPv6 category.

When considering this type of decisions, the Board of Directors seeks to support and help smaller members to obtain IPv6 space and to ensure the long-term financial stability of LACNIC.

*An exceptional payment exemption measure that is within the bylaws-mandated powers of the Board of Directors

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