LACNIC Sponsorship Program


A Chance to Participate

Since its creation, LACNIC has understood that the organization must offer appropriate solutions to meet the needs of the community it serves. Thus, in 2005, LACNIC implemented its Sponsorship Program aimed at allowing members of the community to participate in the main events organized each year by LACNIC.

These events combine two of the organization’s key meetings: the Public Policy Forum and the Annual Member Assembly, two essential processes in which it is important to have the greatest possible participation and regional community representation.  In addition, these events represent a great opportunity to receive training (tutorials and technical forums) on network operation technologies as well as to develop professional and commercial interpersonal relationships. Thanks to the sponsorship program, this opportunity is available to the entire region.

Commitment on the part of companies and individual participants is essential, as the program only covers part of participation costs (flight or accommodation), as we believe that participating in these evens brings direct benefits both to those who participate as well as to their companies.

Since its implementation  in 2005 for the LACNIC VIII meeting held in Lima, the program has benefitted 387 members of the Internet community from the 29 different countries that make up the LACNIC service region.

The Sponsorship Program is available for annual events and regional events (LACNIC Caribbean), and has now been extended to initiatives in which LACNIC participates and that are also supported by other sponsoring organizations, such as the Regional Preparatory Meeting for the Internet Governance Forum (pre-IGF).

Applications are now being received for participating in the upcoming LACNIC XVII event that will be held in Quito, Ecuador

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