Fifteen IPv4 Block Transfers within the LACNIC Region


Fifteen IPv4 Block Transfers within the LACNIC Region

The first fifteen IPv4 block transfers have been completed in Latin America and the Caribbean, and LACNIC has set up a new service to make it easier for those potentially interested in offering and receiving Internet address block transfers in the region to meet.

Since the LACNIC community approved the possibility of transferring IPv4 blocks without involving a merger, acquisition or sale between two organizations, fifteen transfers of this type have been completed in the region and a total of 160,768 IP addresses have been transferred.

“We feel that the community is gradually beginning to transfer IPv4 addresses because members are becoming aware of this alternative and starting to trust in it as a legitimate option to offer and receive addresses,” said Alfredo Verderosa, Chief Services Officer at LACNIC.

Basically, the approved policy allows any organization holding an IPv4 block which is not in use to transfer such block to any other organization. Only transfers within the LACNIC region are allowed.

Now the first fifteen transfers have been completed.

This month, in order to provide relevant information on IPv4 transfers, LACNIC implemented a new service that provides contact information for those organizations interested in transferring or receiving IPv4 resources. This system is available on the MI LACNIC portal, the online platform created by the organization to streamline the services it offers its members.

The new service includes a list of organizations willing to offer IPv4 blocks, organizations that wish to receive IPv4 blocks, and organizations willing to serve as facilitators between offering and receiving organizations.

“We felt the need to bring transparency to the process and to generate a space where interested parties could meet, so we launched this service,” Verderosa added.

Almost immediately, many organization expressed their interest in using the service and almost fifty have already registered on the MI LACNIC platform as possible offering or receiving parties in IPv4 address block transfers.

“This service was created based on the demand and interest expressed by the community. Since it was launched, we have received many inquiries and expressions of interest from organizations willing to participate,” noted Sergio Rojas, Registration Services Specialist at LACNIC.

Rojas will officially present the service during the LACNIC 29 event. The activity is scheduled to take place on Thursday 3 May at 10:15 (Panama time) and may be followed via streaming.

Meanwhile, anyone interested in obtaining more information on IPv4 address transfers can click here.

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