Community Consultation on Identifier Technical Health Indicators


Community Consultation on Identifier Technical Health Indicators

The LACNIC community has time until December 12th to submit their comments and suggestions on a project to define indicators for measuring the technical health of the Internet on which the five Regional Internet Registries (RIR) are currently working on together with ICANN.

This initiative seeks to develop metrics to quantify and measure the ‘health’ of unique Internet identifiers, said Alfredo Verderosa, LACNIC Services Manager.

Each RIR is responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the data contained in the registry for the number resources it has been assigned. The goal of this proposal is to define a set of indicators to measure and quantify the health of the registry.

Data accuracy will be measured on three levels: comprehensiveness, correctness and currency.

Comprehensiveness, explained Verderosa, means determining whether the registry data is complete and consistent and that the registry does not contain duplicate resources or resources issued to more than one organization

Correctness means verifying the data against official sources for legal name and whether the data allows reaching a functioning and relevant party.

Finally, currency means confirming that the data is up to date in accordance with the policies of the responsible RIR and has recently been updated.

“The importance of maintaining the registry is to ensure the accuracy of the information it contains,” noted Verderosa.

The contribution of the community will be essential for defining the indicators that will be used to help mitigate and prevent risks. “Your contributions will help us identify the risks to each of the aspects of accurate data,” Verderosa added.

The consultation period is open until December 12th. Anyone interested in submitting a contribution can subscribe to at the following link consult.

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