Candidates Elected to the LACNIC Board of Directors


Candidates Elected to the LACNIC Board of Directors

The election to fill two positions and complete the LACNIC Board of Directors has concluded. Six candidates ran for the positions that will be vacated this 31st December.

LACNIC members decided to renew their trust in Wardner Maia (Brazil) and Javier Salazar (Mexico) by reelecting them to serve until 31st December 2019.

In all, a total of 1,942 votes were received from the LACNIC community. Maia, current Chairman of the LACNIC Board, received 42% of these votes, while Salazar was supported by 18% of those participating in the election. Nicolás Antoniello of Uruguay (16% of the votes), Clovis Antônio Cecconello of Brazil (11%) and Glauber Derlland Da Silva of Brazil (10%) completed the list of candidates.

New challenges.

Maia has known LACNIC since the inception of the RIR and has been a member of the Board since 2011. On the blog where the candidates presented their ideas to the community, Maia noted that LACNIC has made great strides over the past few years, among which he highlighted the significant increase in IPv6 adoption within the region and the organization’s influential role in the IANA functions stewardship transition process.

The current president of the Regional Internet Registry for Latin America and the Caribbean highlighted the role of LACNIC over its 14 years of existence, as, in his opinion, it has been “an important actor in regional Internet development, having led initiatives aimed at strengthening the network in a secure, stable, open and democratic manner.”

As for the major challenges for the coming years, he listed “the well-known struggle for IPv6 adoption (…); the significant change in Internet governance with the IANA stewardship transition (after which the global community and the RIRs will have a much more relevant role); facing the growing interest of certain governments in controlling the Internet (tarnishing its very essence;) and the interest of certain operators in modifying basic principles on which the Internet was consolidated, such as net neutrality.”

Likewise, Javier Salazar has been on the LACNIC Board for 11 years. He believes the organization has positioned itself as the major player in Internet development in the region, “exceeding its primary role as a Registry” and catalyzing multiple efforts.

To continue strengthening this role, LACNIC must “internally strengthen the organization’s processes, transparency, long-term sustainability, discipline in the execution of its goals, etc.” “A splendid job has been done so far and significant progress has been achieved in all areas. These efforts must continue,” he added.

The Board. This decision by the community means that, after this 1st January, the LACNIC Board will be made up as follows:

Name Position Country of residence Term ends
Wardner Maia President Brazil December 2019
Oscar Messano Vice President Argentina December 2017
Hartmut Glaser Treasurer Brazil December 2018
Alejandro Guzman Deputy Treasurer Colombia December 2018
Javier Salazar Secretary Mexico December 2019
Gabriel Adonaylo Deputy Secretary Argentina December 2017
Rafael Ibarra Member El Salvador December 2018
Oscar Robles Garay CEO Uruguay *
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