An intense month


An intense month

LACNIC had an intense month and participated in a number of local and regional activities both in Latin America and the Caribbean as well as in the service regions of the other Regional Internet Registries.

AFRINIC. Alfredo Verderosa, LACNIC Services Manager; Sergio Rojas, LACNIC Registration Services Specialist; and Agustín Formoso, Software Developer at LACNIC, participated in AFRINIC 25, the annual AFRINIC meeting which was held in Mauritius.

Rojas shared a report on the status of IPv4 in Latin America and the Caribbean, transfers that have been approved, and a brief report on the policies presented at the most recent event.

Meanwhile, Formoso presented the Simón project, Determining Internet Connectivity in Africa through Latency Measurements (see separate article).

After the AFRINIC event, Verderosa and Rojas participated in the meeting of the Registration Services Coordination Group (RSCG).

IGF. Carlos Martínez, LACNIC CTO, moderated the workshop titled Cybersecurity Initiatives in and by the Global South at the Internet Governance Forum held in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Likewise, Ernesto Majó, LACNIC’s Deputy CEO, presented the organization during one of the IGF meetings.

Internet Recorre. Laura Kaplan, Development and Cooperation Manager at LACNIC, participated as a panelist in “Internet Recorre”, an event organized in the city of Córdoba, Argentina, where she presented on the role of LACNIC in Internet governance.

IPv6 in Panama. César Díaz, Head of Strategic Relations and Telecommunications at LACNIC, was one of the experts who provided training in the implementation of IPv6 for Panamanian telco and government representatives during a conference organized by ASEP (Panama’s National Public Services Authority).


Critical Infrastructure. In Montevideo, Uruguay, Guillermo Cicileo, SSR Coordinator at LACNIC, presented the IPv6 Workshop for the Deployment of Services to End Users, a course geared towards officials working at ANTEL, Uruguay’s state-owned telecommunications company. He later participated in Brazil’s Internet Infrastructure Week, which included the IX Forum 10, an annual meeting where Brazilian experts share their experiences with Internet infrastructure; GTER 42, a meeting that brought together the network operations and engineering group; and GTS 28, a space devoted to security issues.

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