USD 235 thousand in the form of awards and grants


USD 235 thousand in the form of awards and grants

This year, the Regional Fund for Digital Innovation in Latin America and the Caribbean (FRIDA) will award 235,000 US dollars in the form of awards, grants and scale-ups to innovative Information Technology projects in the region.

These funds will be distributed among proposals selected through FRIDA’s three calls for proposals —FRIDA Awards, FRIDA Grants and FRIDA Scale-Ups—, which have been underway since 14 March 14 and will remain open until 13 May.

The program also debuted a new website that brings greater visibility to the projects which are funded, and is preparing to enter new partnerships with other regional organizations aimed at modernizing their application process and providing greater support to selected projects based on their sustainability and entrepreneurship.

The 2016 FRIDA Selection Committee is made up by six experts with complementary profiles: Ida Holz, Amparo Arango, Jesus Martinez, Daniela Kreimer, Antonio Moreiras and Juan Manuel Casanueva (

This group of professionals will identify the most relevant initiatives in the fields of technical innovation for development and Internet access, social entrepreneurship, and the use of information technology for social purposes.

For more information on the three calls for project proposals –FRIDA Awards, FRIDA Grants and FRIDA Scale-Ups— please visit the FRIDA website

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