Women and ICTs in Latin America and the Caribbean


Women and ICTs in Latin America and the Caribbean

This past 8 May, LACNIC organized the first breakfast for women in IT within the framework of the LACNIC XVII meeting that took place in the city of Quito, Ecuador. This first breakfast was attended by 40 women from 17 different countries who shared a pleasant morning exchanging personal experiences on what working as an Internet industry professional involves for a woman. The goals of this space within LACNIC events is to encourage active female participation, to create synergies that will promote regional cooperation, and to highlight LACNIC’s commitment to gender issues.

The results of this first meeting have been very positive. A mailing list (it-women@lacnic.net) was created for sharing information, requesting collaboration, and discussing various issues. In addition, a contact directory was created that will serve as a reference to know each participant’s fields of specialization. As the days went by, more applications were received from women interested in participating in this group, which is open to all women who are part of the region’s Internet community.

LACNIC is now preparing the second breakfast for women in IT which, will be held within the framework of the LACNIC Caribbean 4 meeting which will take place from 18 to 20 July in en Haiti. Come join us!

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