What’s New at LACNIC 36 LACNOG 2021


What’s New at LACNIC 36 LACNOG 2021

LACNIC’s first hybrid event will take place from October 11 to 15. LACNIC 36 LACNOG 2021 will be carried out online throughout the week and will be held in Montevideo on the 12th and 13th with local guests (due to Uruguay’s sanitary regulations). The event will include remote transmission and participation of the entire Internet Community of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Full Agenda. Two topics stand out during the week of the event. One of them is LACNIC’s space entitled “Time for Technology” with a presentation given by Guillermo Cicileo on “What We Know about some Name Servers within the Region”; the work of Yazmín Suárez on ROA Management using the MiLACNIC 2.0 API; and the project on Local Interconnection in LAC led by Cicileo and Elisa Peirano.

The second featured space corresponds to LACNIC’s Líderes 2.0 Program with the panel “Promoting the Role of the Technical Community in Internet Governance”. This session will address the main concepts of Internet Governance and the role of the technical community as a key actor within the multi-stakeholder model. In addition, the session will explore the forms of involvement offered by LACNIC and especially by Líderes 2.0 and the results of the research selected over the last year.

There will also be a Public Policy Forum where policy proposals promoted by members of the community will be discussed.

The LACNIC Services Department will present the progress made in validating the abuse contact in LACNIC’s member organizations, which was implemented as a result of a policy approved at the Forum and ratified by the LACNIC Board. Gianina Pensky, Head of Registration Services at LACNIC, will show how this policy has been implemented and the degree of compliance achieved by the region’s organizations. 

The Everyday Life of a Network Operator. On Wednesday 13 October, LACNOG will hold a panel moderated by Carlos Martínez and Nicolás Antoniello from the on-site room in Montevideo, entitled “Things that Can’t Be Missing in any Network”.

Another new highlight of LACNOG this year is the premiere of a panel entitled “The Everyday Life of a Network Operator” moderated by Tomas Lynch. The panel will share experiences of the network operators’ daily life, based on real cases, their solutions and the lessons learned during the process.

In addition to its classic technical program, LACNOG will add a tutorial entitled “Communities: An Important Tool for Traffic Engineering”, which will be offered by Eduardo Barasal Morales and Tiago Jun Nakamura, from NIC.br.Click here for more information about the agenda and registration.

LACNIC 36 LACNOG 2021 is sponsored by AWS – Amazon Web Services, Team Cymru, Netflix, IPv4 Mall, Scala Data Centers, IPXO, Proyecto MANRS, IPv4 Global, AMS-ix, CentralNic Registry and IP Broker.

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