Universidade Estadual de Campinas Wins Ninth IPv6 Challenge:


Universidade Estadual de Campinas Wins Ninth IPv6 Challenge:

Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UniCAMP) has been named the winner of the ninth edition of the IPv6 Challenge, an initiative created by the regional technical community and supported by LACNIC to recognize organizations working with the IPv6 protocol.

Azael Fernández, one of the members of the IPv6 Challenge Evaluation Committee, highlighted the quality of the submissions received in this edition, which meant that the evaluators had to work hard to determine the winners and decides to award a special mention.

UniCAMP, the winner of the challenge, submitted a very complete project and an excellent report. It included multiple items such as an update of their routers and an IPv6 addressing plan, as well as the implementation of the protocol in several services. They also used various transition mechanisms, with 464XLAT among them. The deployment included VoIP, Wi-Fi networks and monitoring.

The second prize went to Top Communications of Venezuela, a small ISP working mostly in satellite communications. They deployed IPv6 at the edge of their network and enabled several wired and physical LANs. They had to update their BGP announcements, implement various configurations, and create their IPv6 addressing plan. This ISP is getting ready to deploy an FTTH network on GPON and, thanks to the Challenge, it is now ready to support IPv6.

The evaluators also decided to present an honorable mention to Redes y Asesoría del Mayab of Mexico.

Fernández stressed that the work of these organizations on IPv6 deployment has carried on despite the situation created by the pandemic.

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