Tutorials at LACNIC 34 – LACNOG 2020


Tutorials at LACNIC 34 – LACNOG 2020

LACNIC34 – LACNOG 2020 will offer a wide range of training activities, including five tutorials on topics such as interconnection and Internet routing, network security with RPKI, operation of IPv6 networks, managing number resources, and DNSSEC.

Highlights of this year’s second meeting for the technical Internet community include a tutorial on interconnection and routing security as well as a new edition of the DNSSEC tutorial, which has been revamped and now uses a more interactive format.

Network Security with RPKI. The first tutorial will be held on Friday 2 October. It will address Network Security with RPKI: Hosted and Delegated Mode and will be presented by Eduardo Barasal Morales, Tiago Jun Nakamura, and Carlos Ortiz.

The three specialists will share with the audience how to watch out for network security, especially in light of the increased use of the Internet due to the physical distancing prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Barasal, Nakamura and Ortiz will discuss prefix hijacks and route leaks, explaining how important it is for autonomous systems to use RPIK.

Likewise, with the help of a practical example, participants will learn how to publish ROAs and how to use the hosted and delegated modes.

Operation of IPv6 Networks. IPv6 deployment is increasing across the region, so it is essential to train the community on the operation of networks using this protocol. Alejandro Acosta, Uesley Correa and Jose Cotua will present a tutorial on Operation of IPv6 Networks, highlights of which will include the implementation of IPv6 in last-mile networks. This tutorial is scheduled to take place on Monday 5 October.

DNS Validation. The topic selected for the third tutorial is DNSSEC (a set of security extensions to the DNS protocol that allow cryptographically validating responses from DNS servers) and the activity will be led by Nicolas Antoniello and Carlos Martínez.

After briefly going over key aspects of cryptography, Antoniello and Martínez will present the basics of DNSSEC. The two experts will use a workshop format for the activity, trying to generate greater interaction with the audience and working on simple exercises. To make the most of this activity, it is important that you connect from a computer (not a mobile device).

Features Offered by Mi LACNIC. On Thursday the 8th,LACNICmembers will have the chance to participate in the tutorial titled Managing Resources with MiLACNIC. This workshop has been designed for organizations that have received IPv4 or IPv6 resources from LACNIC and will offer participants in-depth knowledge of the features of the MiLACNIC platform and how to use them.

Interconnection and Secure Routing. Next on the agenda will beErika Vega, Nicolás Antoniello and Guillermo Cicileo, who will present a tutorial on Interconnection and Routing Security on Thursday 8 October following the workshop about MiLACNIC.

In this three-hour tutorial, participants will learn how to analyze their network traffic to make better interconnection decisions and understand the technical details and business models related to traffic exchange. The instructors will discuss the basics, business relationships and technical aspects of traffic exchange, peering, and CDNs.

Simultaneous transcription and interpretation in Spanish, English and Portuguese will be provided for the tutorials.

If you’d like to participate in the tutorials, click here to register.

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