Top-Level Speakers at LACNIC 29


Top-Level Speakers at LACNIC 29

Experts in routing security and the Internet of Things, specialists in IPv4 exhaustion, and researchers on new cyber threats stand out among the keynote speakers who will be presenting during the LACNIC 29 event to be held in Panama City starting on 30 April and running through 4 May.

The conferences presented by these specialists can be followed via live streaming on the LACNIC event’s website. Remote participation will include the option of asking questions to the speakers of the event, which will focus on how to face the immediate future after IPv4 exhaustion.

All the sessions of the LACNIC Technical Forum will also be streamed live online. These sessions will address new topics of interest to the technical community as well as Internet development in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The Boss Holds the Key. The first keynote presentation scheduled for LACNIC 29 will be held on Tuesday 1st May at 14:00 UTC and will be presented by Lee Howard, Director of Retevia, a company that provides IPv4 translation for networks that are transitioning to IPv6. Howard will analyze how he believes IPv4 will behave and speak about how to convince the leaders of an organization to work on IPv6 deployment. Howard estimates that Internet organizations and providers should quickly complete their transition to IPv6 before the market forces them to do so.

Likewise, Nicolás Waisman will be one of the keynote speakers on Wednesday 2 May at 16.30 UTC. In his conference To Live and Die for Threat Modeling, Waisman will guide the audience through twenty years of computer security with a clearly offensive focus to help us understand how attackers have adapted to changes in technology. “Do we really understand what we are protecting ourselves against or or do the media and economic interests perhaps drive us to pursue imaginary players?” Waisman will seek to answer this and other questions as the starting point to understand, discuss and confront the current state of Internet security.

Routing Security.  On Wednesday afternoon (21:30 to 22:00 UTC), Job Snijders will present a conference titled Global Routing Security – Challenges and Solutions. Snijders’ presentation will address routing system security and several issues which may be caused by operational errors or malicious activities. The expert will share his knowledge on how to create BGP filters to protect commercial operations and describe the technical challenges ahead.

On Thursday 3 May at 20.00 UTC, Bob Hinden will share his views on IPv6, Internet Security and the Internet of Insecure Things. For IPv6, Hinden plans to cover the history of how the protocol was developed, where it currently stands, and the challenges going forward. Likewise, the specialist will cover some of the problems the Internet is facing in terms of Internet Security. Finally, he will cover security problems with the IoT, recent IoT based attacks, and his thoughts on different solutions. 

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