This time the meeting is in Haiti


This time the meeting is in Haiti


From 18 to 20 July, Port au Prince (Haiti) will receive the Caribbean region’s Internet community for the LACNIC CARIBBEAN 4 meeting to be held in the Haitian capital at the Hotel Karibe.

This meeting will bring together the Caribbean’s major Internet players and organizations to analyze the state of the Internet in the region and strengthen strategies that will make it possible for a larger part of the population to have access to information technology.

The event will be hosted by the Haitian Association for ICTs (AHTIC) and will also discuss potential technology solutions that can facilitate the deployment of IPv6 in the Caribbean and allow the region to face crises such as the one that Haiti experienced in 2010. The meeting will also include an IPv6 workshop with parallel sessions for technical and non-technical participants.

Nine foreign participants have received grants from LACNIC to attend the meeting. This three-day event is free and open to all those interested in participating.

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