The region welcomes an IETF meeting for the first time


The region welcomes an IETF meeting for the first time

LACNIC will co-organize the first IETF meeting to be held in the region of Latin America and the Caribbean. The IETF —the Internet Engineering Task Force— is a global organization devoted to the development of Internet standards and services. These standards are necessary for the Internet to operate as a global network while including hardware and software by different manufacturers.

During IETF meetings, participants discuss the changes needed to improve Internet stability, security, and growth. The first of these meetings to be held in the region is scheduled to take place in April 2016 at the Hotel Hilton Buenos Aires. In addition, IETF 95 will celebrate the 30th anniversary of Internet standards development.

“We at LACNIC believe the work of the IETF is key to maintaining an open, stable, secure, and growing Internet,” noted Carlos Martinez, CTO at LACNIC.

The Buenos Aries meeting represents the culmination of “long-term efforts in close cooperation with other regional organizations and recognizes the growing importance of Latin America and the Caribbean as regards the Internet and technological innovation,” Martinez added. This is the reason why LACNIC has decided strongly support the initiative by co-organizing the Buenos Aires IETF meeting.

The IETF is made up of individuals (as opposed to company representatives) who participate in the various working groups out of personal interest. Their roles are quite varied and can range from simply following mailing list discussions to being part of the IETF leadership in the form of Working Group Chairs, Area Directors, and others.

Three IETF events are held each year, where working groups meet and hold their working sessions. The purpose of these meetings is to further the discussions that take place on the mailing lists, seek consensus, and discuss the creation of new working groups.

Latin American and Caribbean professionals have the experience and knowledge needed to make relevant contributions at the IETF. Our universities provide professionals with the technical level needed to understand and participate. Our network operators use world-class protocols and equipment.

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