Technical Internet Community Meets in Fortaleza, Brazil


Technical Internet Community Meets in Fortaleza, Brazil

The impact of submarine cables on regional Internet infrastructure, IP leasing, the most important cybersecurity issues and incidents, new traffic measurement studies in Latin America and the Caribbean, and the Public Policy Forum are just some of the topics that will be discussed at LACNIC 40 LACNOG 2023, the largest meeting of the regional Internet community.

From 2 to 6 October, the meeting will bring more than 500 Internet experts from across the region to Fortaleza, Brazil, either in person or remotely. The event will be co-located with the annual meeting of the Latin American and Caribbean Network Operators Forum (LACNOG) and hosted by

On this occasion, the main panel will address the status of subsea cables and their impact on regional Internet infrastructure as well as the technical and commercial relationships between the different service providers. Currently, there are 550 undersea Internet cables worldwide connecting continents with their countries, continents with islands, islands with each other, or various points along a coastline. The panel will be made up by Lucenildo Lins Aquino Junior of Angola Cables, Leonardo Cesar Almedia of Seaborn, Carlos Agripino of V.Tal, Rafael Lozano of Ella Link, and Mauricio Traverso of Sparkle, and will be moderated by Rogério Mariano of Azion.

Another topic that will be discussed during LACNIC 40 is the emerging IP leasing market.  A panel will discuss how IP leasing works in the different regions, its risks and benefits, as well as other viable alternatives. Moderated by Hernán Arcidiacono, renowned experts on the topic such as Douglas Fischer, Salvador Bertenbreiter, Gonzalo Navarro, Ignacio Mateo, and Hernán Seoane will discuss the topic and create a space for the community to share their own views.

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Cybersecurity. LACNIC 40 will also host the LAC CSIRT meeting, which seeks to promote sharing and collaboration on security incident management issues in the region. This meeting is promoted by LACNIC CSIRT, as the creation of ties among the community is considered very important. Also related to this topic, LACNIC 40 will organize a Capture the Flag (CTF) exercise for network security incidents and system configuration. In these exercises, systems with real-world vulnerabilities are simulated and participants must capture “virtual flags” to solve the challenge. Likewise, the FIRST Symposium will take place on Wednesday and Thursday.

LACNOG. In parallel, the Latin American and Caribbean Network Operators Forum will meet on Tuesday and Thursday to share technical presentations, as well as experiences in network operation and infrastructure development. Highlights will include presentations on the role of Latin America in the international connectivity market, a session on the technical implications of court orders blocking websites and services, a brief history of major BGP incidents, the road to IPv6-only datacenters, and other topics.

Training and measurements. LACNIC’s annual events provide an excellent chance to network with hundreds of attendees and a great opportunity to keep up with the latest technical developments. In the case of LACNIC 40, the program includes tutorials on the use of RPKI and IRR for network operation, proper traffic engineering at an IXP, BGP routing security – delegated RPKI / Krill, and IPv6-only networks. Finally, the LACNIC Internet Measurements Working Group will present a new measurement for connectivity in Latin America based on the analysis of traffic behavior using traceroutes.

LACNIC 40 LACNOG 2023 is supported by our sponsors: Addrex, Algar Telecom, Ams-ix, Angola Cables, Ascenty, AWS, CDN STAR, EdgeUno, FIRST, Google, ICANN, IP Broker, IPv4 Global (Hilco), IXPO, Logicalis, Netflix,, NTT, Sage Networks,Telxius, Wit One.

As usual, simultaneous interpretation in English, Spanish, and Portuguese will be available.

Click here to participate either in person or online.

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