Second Breakfast for Women in ICTs


Second Breakfast for Women in ICTs

The Second Breakfast for Women in ICTs was held on July 20, within the framework of the LACNIC Caribbean 4 event held in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The turnout was extraordinary, as 100% of the women participating in the event attended the breakfast.

We had the opportunity to exchange ideas and talk with 19 women. One of the main issues that were discussed was the difficulty of being a woman and working in Haiti, particularly in the field of ICTs, as it is not socially accepted that women perform such tasks. When a woman decides to become a professional she must face many obstacles and discrimination, both from the opposite sex as well as from other women.

We were very pleased to talk with this group of women, each and every one of them a success story thanks to their perseverance and dedication, who and are now ICT professionals. The group of women in Haiti joined the discussions on the it-women list, a group that already numbers 80 women and we hope will continue to grow. To subscribe to the group, please write to

We hope to see you at the third Breakfast of Women in ICTs to be held in Montevideo during the October event marking LACNIC’s 10th anniversary!

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