Recommendations to Participate in LACNIC 33


Recommendations to Participate in LACNIC 33

For the first time, all LACNIC 33 sessions, tutorials and training activities will be held online, so it is important to consider a series of steps to participate in the event.

The first step is to register. To do so, participants must visit the LACNIC 33 website and register. This step is essential considering that every day the LACNIC staff will send information to the email addresses of those who have registered so that they can access the sessions and trainings. These details will be sent by email under the subject “LACNIC 33 Online Agenda.” If you do not receive these emails, remember to check your spam folder.

As the LACNIC 33 sessions will be held via Zoom, participants must download this application, either on their mobile devices or on their computers.   Each day, participants will receive a link to the Zoom session with the ID and password they will need for each activity.

It should be noted that simultaneous transcription will be provided in Spanish, English and Portuguese* for the Public Policy Forum, the Technical Forum and the information session, both during the presentations themselves as well as for participants’ interventions. .  The remaining sessions will be only transcribed in the language of the presenters.

In the program, the beginning and end times for each activity are listed in UTC time. Therefore, we recommend that you download the week’s calendar here to synchronize it to your time zone.


As in the case of on-site events, the LACNIC Events app will be available during LACNIC 33. The LACNIC 33 App can be downloaded from the Apple store (iOS) or Google Play (Android). The app provides the possibility of networking with other event participants and rating speakers, among other functionalities.

Use the web interface of the LACNIC 33 app to interact from your computer

LACNIC Virtual Stand

During the week of the event, you can coordinate a virtual meeting with our staff members to inquire about LACNIC services and activities. The topics on which you can inquire and the corresponding schedules are available here.

*The transcripts in English and Portuguese are provided solely to support participants in their understanding of the presentations. They do not constitute evidence and should not be considered official versions.