Quito, LACNIC’s First 2012 Destination


LACNIC, the Latin American and Caribbean Internet Addresses Registry, and SUPERTEL, Ecuador’s Telecommunications Superintendent, have announced that the LACNIC XVII meeting will be held in the city of Quito, Ecuador, on 6-11 May 2012.

A press conference was held during which Fabián Jaramillo, Director of SUPERTEL, noted that “year after year, the LACNIC meeting is an event not to be missed by the Latin American and Caribbean Internet community, as it is here where the region comes together to deal with the most relevant current issues”.

LACNIC events focus mainly on the development and stability of the Internet within the region of Latin America and the Caribbean. The program for the week-long event includes various activities ranging from training workshops on new technologies, security, and promotion of IPv6 adoption, to open technical forums such as the Public Policy Forum and the Security, Interconnection, and FLIP 6 forums.

Jaramillo hopes that “the Quito meeting will contribute to the discussions on the issues that are essential for Internet operation within the region.”

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