Public Policy Forum: Nine Proposals Discussed During LACNIC 35


Public Policy Forum: Nine Proposals Discussed During LACNIC 35

Nine policy proposals for the management of Internet number resources were discussed and analyzed during the online Public Policy Forum held during the LACNIC 35 event.

Due to the number of proposals, the Forum was divided into two sessions (Tuesday and Friday) and a new dynamics was implemented which allowed opening the microphone offered by the Zoom application so that participants could share their opinions. The option of submitting comments through the chat feature was also maintained. The new format resulted in more agile and dynamic discussions at the Forum, which was co-chaired by Tomas Lynch and Ariel Weher.

When opening the activity, both chairs encouraged the community to participate in promoting new proposals. In the words of Weher, “We invite you all to participate from your individual positions, whether you work for a large corporation providing connectivity services or are simply and end user interested in driving improvements to our policy manual.”

The policies. After presenting an overview of LACNIC’s Policy Development Process (see image), Weher reminded everyone that the Forum “does not vote on policy proposals but instead seeks to achieve consensus” and that, in the case of the current online format, the Forum gauges the temperature of the room.

“A proposal is considered to have reached consensus when it is supported by meaningful opinions, after broad discussion, and when no irrefutable technical objections persist,” the chair explained.

This time, the following new policy proposals were discussed:

  • LAC-2020-1: Add Operational IPv6 as a Requirement for IPv4 Transfers, promoted by Fernando Frediani.
  • LAC-2020-3: Impact Analysis Is Mandatory v2, promoted by Jordi Palet.
  • LAC-2021-1: Modify Section “ and 4.3 Inclusion of origin ASN in the WHOIS database when available,” submitted by Sergio Rojas.
  • LAC-2021-2: Non-Competition Between Proposals, by Jordi Palet.
  • LAC-2020-6: Miscellaneous Modifications to the PDP v2, also by Jordi Palet.
  • LAC-2020-9: PDP Chair Election v3, by Ricardo Patara
  • LAC-2019-7: PDP Chair Election Procedure v7, by Jordi Palet.
  • LAC-2020-10: Authorize Recipients of Delegated Blocks to Sign ROAs, by Hernán Moguilevsky.
  • LAC-2020-4: Adjustment to the Functions of the Board of Directors v2, proposed by Jordi Palet.

Before closing the Forum, the results of the e-voting process for the election of a co-chair of the LACNIC Policy Development Process were announced: Tomás Lynch was reelected to serve in the position for the 2021-2023 period.

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